1. Talula’s Garden

Born of the famed Talula’s Table in Chester County, this farm-to-table oasis feels like the country, even though it’s right between city buildings and across the street from historic Washington Square. Dinner most nights and Sunday brunch offer seasonal menus that star an extensive cheese selection.

Talula’s Garden blends carefully sourced ingredients with an eco-aware ethos. While the menu takes pride in local ingredients, it is not limited by locale. Anson Mills Grits come from South Carolina, while the splendid farmhouse cheese offerings come from creameries in the Hudson Valley, France, Italy and England. The cheeses are arranged in perfectly composed groupings adorned with sweet and savory relish,

fresh fruits, nuts and decorative floral touches, achieving portrait-like beauty. Main dishes feature substantial portions of beef, fish and fowl, but fresh vegetables take a star turn on even the meatiest plates.

zahav-mfischetti73-1You will be immersed in greenery if you dine in Talula’s seasonal outdoor garden, but aspects of the garden are also brought indoors.

A green wall brimming with herbs and edible flowers adds a fresh touch and the perfect dose of practical whimsy.

Philadelphia is a tinderbox of culinary creativity. If you’re partial to restaurants that take an artisanal approach, a growing number of eco-conscious eateries are stealing the spotlight.

Reading Terminal MarketKnown as America’s Garden Capital, Philly has been serious about horticulture for over 300 years. The City of Brotherly Love is geographically blessed, located near prolific farmland that has been prudently toiled for generations. This gives enterprising chefs easy access to a bounty of primary ingredients, making it a breeze to eat fresh in Philly.

Allison Tibaldi is a NYC based travel writer who is always scouting for her next culinary adventure.